Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of the County Assessor?

The County Assessor’s Office is charged with the responsibility of discovering and assessing taxable property.
He/She must list and maintain records on all real and personal property in the county and then determine the fair market value of that property.

How do I qualify for Homestead Exemption?

To qualify for this exemption, you must be the record owner and residing on the property on January 1 of the current year. Applications are available in our office, we can also email or mail you the application. 

What are the requirements for Double Homestead Exemption?

The requirements are the same as the regular Homestead Exemption with the addition of a total yearly income, of everyone in the household, of less than $25,000.

How do I qualify for a 100% Disabled Veteran Exemption?

The property owner must have a letter from the Veteran’s Administration stating one of the following: said property owner is 100% disabled, receiving compensation at the 100% rate, or is the surviving spouse.
Bring this letter to the Assessor’s Office, and we will fill out the necessary paper work.

Do I have to apply for Homestead Exemption every year?

No, the only exemption that needs to be applied for every year is the Double Homestead, unless you move or change title to the property. We do send out a homestead verification typically at the beginning of the year, this is just to help us keep our records as accurate as possible. 

Who qualifies for the Agriculture Exemption Permit, and how do I apply?

Any person who has a farming operation, or who is raising animals or crops for human consumption or profit can qualify. There is no acreage requirement. The applications are taken in our office and then sent to the Oklahoma Tax Commission for approval. 

The tax commission also has a new online application process, click here.

What if my Agricultural permit has expired or has been lost?

Contact our office. 

The tax commission also has a new online application process, click here.

How do I get a permit to move my mobile home or change the title of my mobile home?
  • You must obtain a Oklahoma Manufactured Home Certificate form 936 from the Assessor’s office.
  • If the form is needed for a title change only, we would need a copy of the title and the name of the current land owner.
  • If the form is needed to move the mobile home, we would need a copy of the title, the name of the current land owner, the name and address of the new owner and a legal description of where the mobile home is being moved to.
  • If the form is needed for a sale, we would need a copy of the title, the name of the current land owner and the name and address of the new owner.
  • In order to receive this form, the taxes on the mobile home must be pre-paid along with any back taxes that are owed.
Do I have to assess my personal property?

Yes, any personal property owned by the taxpayer on January 1 should be assessed. This list may include tractors, farm equipment, improvements on leased land (including mobile homes) and businesses. If a business was open on or before January 1, then it also needs to be assessed.
You can obtain these forms in the Assessor’s Office.

When should I assess?

Assessment should be done between January 1st and March 15th.

Where do my property taxes go?
This is an average county wide: